Archi-duc mushrooms are 100 % pure, fresh and free of pesticides.
"The originals" are very easy to grow in the organic peat: simply follow the steps and you will be able to witness your mushrooms grow, after which the growth process starts all over again, and this up to 3 times.

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White mushrooms

Brown mushrooms

How does it work?

  1. Put the pot in a space at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight or drafts.

  2. Spray the mushrooms daily with water. The bigger they are, the more water they will need.

  3. Try to harvest the mushrooms timely. The bigger you let them become, the less chance of success you will have at next harvests since oversized mushrooms in a crowded pot prevent the new, little mushrooms from getting air.

  4. It is important that the mushrooms are removed from the peat soil in their entirety. Therefore, pick them with the root included.

  5. Spray the peat soil with water after your first harvest and place the pot in a slightly colder room. (Not below 10°C).

  6. Depending on the temperature, after about 8 days your new mushrooms will be ready to be harvested. This also applies to any third harvest.

Tips + tricks


This pot contains 100 % pure mushrooms: there are no pesticides involved and sustainable farming techniques were used.


Try to pick the mushrooms timely in the interest of any following harvest. If you wait to pick the mushrooms until the film below the cap of the mushroom has opened, spores will be released which will give the mushrooms a brown hue. This phenomenon is completely natural.


You can choose to only harvest the largest mushrooms and to leave the smaller ones in the peat soil until the following day.


If there are few mushrooms left on the peat soil, you can let them become bigger then usual, since they won't be able to cut off the other, smaller mushrooms from getting air, because there's enough space in the pot.


Once you've harvested the mushrooms, you can keep them in the refrigerator. You won't be able to buy them any fresher.

2x / 3x

Mostly you will be able to harvest mushrooms up to 2 or 3 times but that's never guaranteed. The Archi-Duc mushrooms are a completely natural product, which is why the situation in which the pot is held throughout the growth can influence the harvest.


A second and potential third harvest will produce less mushrooms, because the peat soil will start to get exhausted.

Second life

Give your pot a second life as a mini greenhouse for leafy vegetables and organic herbs with our brand new "Veg@tables".

The Archi-duc mushrooms are available from October through April.


Toast with mushrooms

Risotto with slightly cooked mushrooms

Greek mushrooms

Creamy mushroom sauce

Cream of mushrooms

Fried Mushrooms